General Questions

What is Summer Camp?
  • Every summer we provide camps for teenagers which help students have a deep encounter with God.
  • This is a 4-night, all-inclusive camp that includes all meals, special guest communicators, premier worship, and tons of fun meeting students from all over the state of Florida.
  • Every morning and evening there is a main service. 7 total services with a final send-off on Friday morning. 
  • Every day there will be team competitions, free time, small group times, and snack shack time.
Where is Summer Camp Located?
  • Masterpiece Gardens Family Conference Center
  • Address: 3900 Great Masterpiece Rd. Lake Wales FL 33898


Who can attend summer camp?
  • Students entering 7th – 12th grade
  • 2022 High School Graduates can attend as well, but they must attend as a student.
  • Leaders: All leaders must be at least 20 years of age with an approved DCF Level 2 Live Scan Background Screen on file with the Masterpiece Garden Campground.
Is there Childcare?
  • There is no childcare at summer camp
  • We recommend not bringing small children to camp.
  • Small children are not permitted to stay in the dorms.
  • Any leaders bringing small children with them will need to pay for their own hotel room as well as pay the entire registration fee to participate in camp.
Is there a Covid Protocol?
  • We are following the current state guidelines.
  • We recommend masks for all those who feel uncomfortable in large groups. 
  • It is up to the attendees to wear masks or not.
  • Leaders have the responsibility to set the protocol with their students.
  • Please do your own temp checks at your church or house before leaving.
  • If we notice a significant increase in covid cases closer to Summer Camp, we will adjust our protocol.
    When does onsite check-in start?
    • Check-in begins at 10am on Monday morning.
    • All attendees must go through a lice and temperature check.
    • Check-in closes at 12 noon on Monday.


    When does camp start and end?
    • Summer Camp starts at 12 noon on Monday.
    • Summer Camp ends at 1oam on Friday Morning.


    How do leaders get a DCF Level 2 Live Scan Background Check?
    • All leaders must have this Background Check on file with the campground.
    • This process can take several weeks. Please begin this process with your leaders with sufficient time to gain approval from the Florida Department of Children and Family.
    • Please visit our DCF Level 2 page to have a step-by-step guide. Click Here
    • Follow the two main steps:
      • Register and attend your appointment with Fieldprint
      • Send in your MPG Screening and Privacy Forms
    Who are the guest speakers for each week?
    • Week 1  – Johnnie Wilson and Crystal Green
    • Week 2  – Dawn Raley and David Stocker Jr.
    • Week 3  – Jeremy Donovan and Natalie Barnoske
    • Week 4  – Jessica Koulianos and Josh Carter
    Who is leading worship at camp?
    • Week 1  – Jordan Houghton and Youth Alive Worship
    • Week 2  – Reach City Worship and Youth Alive Worship
    • Week 3  – John Wilds and Youth Alive Worship
    • Week 4  – Mainstream Worship and Youth Alive Worship
    Do I need to pre-order a shirt or snack card?
    • Pre-order shirts are $15. All shirts on-site will be at a higher price.
    • We recommend purchasing snack cards early. Each card is $10.
    • The Snack Shack is a cashless transaction. Every person will need to purchase a shack card either way. These shack cards help us process transactions faster. 
    How many leaders is my group allowed to bring?
    • We recommend no less than 1 leader for every 5 students.
    • If your ratio drops below 1 leader to 5 students then you will need to pay an extra $25 for each leader below that number.
    • For example, if you have 5 leaders and 15 students then 2 leaders will pay the leader price of $165 early or $190 full-price. 2 Leaders will pay $190 early or $215 full.
    Can I intern at camp?
    What happens if my child getS hurt at camp?

    We pray that everyone at camp has a great experience and returns home without any injuries.

    Nurse Requirements

    • Our minimum requirement for all nurses is that they are certified in First Aid and CPR.
    • We strive to have a Registered Nurse with more thorough experience each week.
    • Typically, we have more than one nurse on the property for each week of camp and we have a head nurse that is advising all nurses for the entire year.

    Nurse Clinic Procedures

    • For minor issues, the onsite nurse is able to provide basic care and send the patient back to normal activities.
    • For medium-level incidents, the nurse reaches out to the group leader, camp director, and district leadership to inform them of the patient’s situation. The group leader will contact the student’s parents and allow them to make the final decision on the care provided. Occasionally, we may require the student to be sent home and the parents will need to come to get their child from the campground.
    • In an emergency situation, our licensed nurse responds very quickly, and we contact emergency personnel as the care may require.
    • In the most extreme cases, we may need to have the student transported to the hospital.
    • We also have a defibrillator on the property for the most severe situations.

    Hospital Visits

    • If an individual goes to the hospital, our primary focus is to get them the best possible care.
    • We will provide our camp insurance to the hospital.
    • Each patient will need to fill out their claim paperwork within 90 days of the incident.
    • We will provide this paperwork to each patient or the patient’s parents in an expedited timeframe after camp.
        What should I bring with me?
        Bible, Notepad & Pen
        Recreational Clothes
        Gym shoes
        Sleeping bag or twin bed sheets, blanket, pillow
        Towels & Wash Cloths
        Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Hairdryer
        Modest swimwear
        Spending money for snacks & camp store
        Water Bottle (refillable with name clearly marked)
        Sunscreen & Bug Spray
        Dirty Clothes Bag
            What clothes will be allowed?
            Bible, Notepad & Pen
            Recreational Clothes
            Gym shoes
            Sleeping bag or twin bed sheets, blanket, pillow
            Towels & Wash Cloths
            Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Hairdryer
            Modest swimwear
            Spending money for snacks & camp store
            Water Bottle (refillable with name clearly marked)
            Sunscreen & Bug Spray
            Dirty Clothes Bag
                How do I contact PFYouth if I have a question?

                Registration Questions

                How do I register for camp?
                • Download the registration forms from the PFYouth website.
                • Collect each student and leader’s information. Do NOT send the forms in the mail.
                • Click the register link next to your preferred week of camp.
                • A deposit of $50 per person must be paid to reserve each bed space.
                • Fill in all the information for each camper and staff camper into the CampTrak system
                • All staff must obtain a DCF Level 2 Live Scan Background Check.
                What is the price for camp?
                • Student Camper SAVE $25: $23o per person
                • Student Camper Full-Price: $255 per person
                • Staff/Leader Camper SAVE $25: $165 per person
                • Staff/Leader Camper Full-Price: $190 per person


                • Pre-Order Shirt: $15 each (Must be ordered by June 6th)
                • Shack Cards: $10 each
                • All staff/leaders get a free t-shirt
                How will registration work and will I get a bed?
                • It is best to reserve your spots early to ensure you have enough space for your group.
                • There are only 215 spaces on campus for boys campers or boy leaders.
                • There are only 215 spaces on campus for girls campers or girl leaders.
                • If one week of camp becomes full then we will ask waitlist people to move to another open week of camp.
                • Only after we reach full capacity for all weeks camp will we consider adding up to 70 spots at the hotel per week.
                • After all weeks of camp are full, then we are limiting each camp to 500 total registrations. There will not be any more space available.
                When is the registration deadlines?
                • Week 1  – SAVE $25 rate is due by May 23, 2022, Online registration closes June 6th.
                • Week 2  – SAVE $25 rate is due by May 31, 2022, Online registration closes June 13th.
                • Week 3  – SAVE $25 rate is due by June 6, 2022, Online registration closes June 20th.
                • Week 4  – SAVE $25 rate is due by June 6, 2022, Online registration closes June 27th.
                What is included in the registration?
                • Camp attendance
                • Camper insurance
                • 3 meals a day
                • All church services
                • All game and competitions
                What is NOT included in the registration?
                • Food at the Snack Shack
                • Merchandise at the PFYouth Booth
                • Pre-Order shirts must be purchased before June 6th
                When is full payment due?
                • Your account must be satisfied and paid in full before you are able to attend camp.
                • The CampTrak website will allow your group to make deposits and partial payments.
                • Pre-Order T-Shirts are $15 each. These shirts must be ordered by June 6th.
                • Camp payments can be processed with a church check, but any bounced checks will incur a $100 processing fee and must be satisfied with in 48 hours of the missed payment. 
                Are there any extra expenses?
                  • Pre-Order Shirt: $15 each (Must be ordered by June 6th).
                  • Shack Cards: $10 each.
                  • Food in the snack shack will be available all week.
                  • Merchandise will be available for purchase.
                  What is the refund policy?
                  • All registration deposits are exchangeable between the same gender individuals in your own group.
                  • If you need to exchange deposits between genders, this must be approved by the PFYouth Team if space is available.
                  • Once the camp fills to capacity, all deposits are non-refundable.