Preferred Seating

Groups can purchase up to 50 seats. Large group, please indicate your number when checking out. Your entire group above 50 will be included in the price for 50 and you will receive wristbands for everyone at Fine Arts Check-In. Any group which gave $15,000 or more to STL will receive preferred seating for FREE. All proceeds will go to Speed the Light.

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Preferred Seatshow details +$10.00 (USD)  

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We will allow last minute substitutions for COVID related situations. These changes can be made at Check-in on Thursday April 22nd. Please come prepared to explain the situation so that we can officially approve it.

Refunds for COVID issues will be handle on a case-by-case basis.

Important Announcements!

2020 Seniors…

Even though the festival was not fully available for you last year, we would love to celebrate you THIS YEAR for Kappa Tau at National Fine Arts in ORLANDO!

Secular Music in Human Video…

A new rule was released in recent years stating that any human video with secular music cannot minister on the National stage for pre-service or Celebration Service. We are also enforcing this rule at the district festival because we do not want you to be caught off guard at nationals (pg 11). Our recommendation is to consider not including secular music, but this is completely your choice.

Our prayers go with you while you minister at this year’s festival!

Please email questions to

The PFYouth Fine Arts Team