April 26 – 28

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**Schedule subject to change

Final Schedule will be posted no later than April 23, 2017

Each entry has been allowed the allotted time as stated by the National Fine Art rules. You must be present at the time your name is called to be eligible to participate.

We have over 1,400 people scheduled in nearly 1,500 entries.

Because of the amount of entries, mistakes happen in the data entry process. If you believe that something has inadvertently been left off of the schedule, or you see an error, please EMAIL the PFYouth Office at youth@penflorida.org with all of the specifics. We will get back to you as soon as we are able to do so.

All individual time conflicts have been tediously worked out.

  • Missing seeing your friend in a human video is not a conflict 
  • Your preference of the time of day you’re scheduled to perform is not a conflict
  • We are aware that some conflicts will arise if a room gets behind schedule. We can only reschedule conflicts that pertain to categories overlapping less than 8 minutes. As you look at the approximate times of your entries and see that you may have to be in two places at one time, check with the Conflict Resolution desk at the Festival for a conflict card to be given to the emcee in the room of the presentation. You will be given a time at the end of that division for your entry or you will fill in a vacant time slot.
  • No changes will be made for an entry outside of that division’s time frame.

Schedule conflicts will be handled at the Registration Check-In Desk at the Festival.

No-shows or dropped entries will be handled at the Registration Check-In Desk at the Festival.


Faith Assembly of God - Orlando
9307 Curry Ford Road | Orlando FL 32825