Announcement Concerning the 2020 RISE Conference

As you know, our autumn PFDC ministry events have been cancelled. I was sincerely hoping we could keep RISE on the calendar and have at least one event this fall. However, due to recent increases in both new cases and total deaths from COVID19, it is prudent to cancel RISE. I regret this action more than I can really explain. I hated that we could not have camps and I hate it more that we will not have our annual PFYouth Convention. Scripture tells us to live, work, and move in Faith. It also teaches us to be wise and prudent. I do not think it wise to have hundreds and hundreds of teens and young adults, Youth Pastors, and sponsors, in a closed environment for a 24 hour period of time. I am confident this is the best and most prudent decision we can make for this year. The best news of this change is that RP Funding Center is allowing us to roll our dates over to 2021. So we have a head start on next year!

Rev. Terry Raburn
District Superintendent
Peninsular Florida Assemblies of God